Case Study: Public Affairs

June 21, 2019

Federal Contractor Case Study

A federal contractor who is one of the largest employers in the State of Missouri is deeply impacted by the annual Department of Defense budget. During a year facing a round of cuts that would have negative consequences for the local economy, our team helped create a grassroots organization that expanded the network of advocates to educate the Congressional delegation on the direct and indirect impact the defense budget has on our state economy.

Through partnerships with organized labor, elected officials, business leaders, and local media, we highlighted the impact that each federal dollar has on our local economy. From construction jobs to small business subcontractors across the state, we brought together a diverse and active coalition of individuals and organizations who are impacted by the business of the defense contractor.

Through outreach to each organization, we found advocates who could author Op-Eds and participate in press conferences. We were also able to identify key advocates to hold meetings, write letters and place calls to members of the Congressional delegation. Educating the network of organizations who live with the consequences of the defense budget empowered them to advocate not only for their own interests but for the interests of small businesses and workers across the state.