Practice Areas


Our Strategic Consulting Practice partners with clients to develop and execute fully-integrated public affairs campaigns. Whatever the strategic objective, our world-class strategists understand and optimize every piece on the public-affairs chessboard: federal, state and local governmental actions, issue management campaigns, procurement and grant application efforts, initiatives and ballot measures, private-sector relations and policymaker and public outreach campaigns. Our team consists of veteran consultants who know how to target a message, persuade, and get the job done.


We make our clients heard. The Kelley Group seeks to create strategic and targeted messages delivered by the appropriate messengers to help our clients meet their specific objectives. Whether it’s working behind the scenes with decision-makers or mounting a grass roots campaign to rally the public behind your cause — we help our clients succeed throughout the political process, not become a victim of it.

In addition, bringing clients together with business leaders, environmentalists, neighborhood activists, elected officials and the media to resolve controversy is one of our proven areas of expertise.

Our approach includes:

  • Quick Access to Decision-makers
  • Risk Assessment and Situation Analysis
  • Government Affairs Counsel
  • Analysis of Existing and Pending Laws and Regulations
  • Coalition and Grass Roots Building
  • Corporate Contribution Counsel
  • Formal Presentations
  • Negotiation and Advocacy


In public affairs, perception is reality. We all know that what you say and how and when you say it can bolster or undermine your position. More challenging to the bottom line is determining how to get the right message to the right people. The Kelley Groups’ senior communications professionals have extensive campaign, public service and media experience both locally and nationally. Our clients take advantage of a tailored combination of services including message development, media relations, communications training, litigation support, initiative rollouts and profile development. Campaign experience and familiarity with new communications technology and tools allow us to provide clients with campaign-style creativity, rapid response and crisis management. Whether it’s through a radio tour, op-eds, promoting stories in national or local newspapers or creating a voice with influential blogs, our staff has relationships to help put an organization’s message in front of the right audiences


We run the gamut in public relations. With decades of experience and the positive development of long-standing professional relationships we provide access to:

  • Former and current reporters
  • Senior advisors to elected officials
  • Seasoned corporate communications consultants

In addition to strategic communications counsel, we provide:

  • Public Opinion Research
  • Crisis Management
  • Situation Analysis
  • News Media and Speech Training
  • Press Material Production
  • Editorial Board Programs
  • Direct Contact with Reporters and Editors
  • Writing and Placement of Feature and Op-ed Articles
  • Press Conferences and Special Events
  • Video News Release and Video Production
  • Speechwriting, Rapid Response Talking Points
  • On-line News and Information Services
  • Electronic Media Tracking
  • Internal Communications Assessments and Programs


When clients are looking to impact proposed legislation and regulations, our Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy Practice and our expert team of professional governmental advocates are skilled, seasoned and prepared to open doors of opportunity in all branches of government.


On local issues, statewide initiatives and candidate campaigns we have a track record of winning tough races. From polling and strategy development to grassroots leading consulting operations and direct voter contact, we design and manage campaigns that win.

Let us put our experience and our contacts to work for you.

Our services include:

  • Initial Campaign Strategy/Message Formulation
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Team Formulation
  • Campaign Marketing Plans
  • Direct Mail Production
  • Radio, Television and Print Production and Placement
  • Internet/New Media Strategy
  • Survey Research
  • Drafting Ballot Measure Language
  • Qualifying Initiatives for the Ballot
  • Media Training for Candidates and Spokespersons
  • Voter Targeting
  • Fundraising Supervision and Planning
  • Marketing Budget Formulation
  • Online Fundraising & Database Strategy
  • Rapid Response Management
  • Speechwriting/Editing
  • Consultant/Subcontractor management and coordination
  • Paid media management
  • TiVo/DVR/technology integration and accommodation


Even the heartiest voice grows stronger as part of a chorus. It is a principle that we’ve seen work time and again in communities, states and at the national level.

  The Kelley Group creates, manages and adds value to broad-based coalitions in support of client-based positions, initiatives and marketing of brands, technologies, standards and services. Our coalition building practice brings together key third party allies to educate opinion leaders and build public support across a broad range of constituencies and policy makers. Tapping relationships developed over years, we are able to identify and recruit individuals and groups who share your perspective creating strategic alliances that make a difference in the public policy arena and the marketplace.


There is a myriad of pathways pertaining to targeting and captivating your audience. Let us put together your plan for identifying your constituents and furthermore, prompting them into action. Our creative and advertising services include:

  • Tagline/Slogan Creation
  • Speech editing/writing
  • Press Releases/Donor Letters
  • Direct mail and print advertising writing and production
  • Radio advertisement writing and production
  • Television advertisement writing and production
  • Website creation and strategy
  • Email and blog post management
  • Advertising/Direct Mail Creative Direction
  • Mobile phone/Text Communications
  • Media Purchase & Placement