The Kelley Group claims the unique position of having significant experience in the federal government to complement its expertise within the midwestern states. The combination of this background with long-standing political relationships that cross party lines enables its partners to leverage the political and economic strengths of its clients to produce successful strategic counsel on a national level. The Kelley Group has been an effective compliment to client teams involving federal advocates, national public relations firms and other specialists regarding major national and international issues and challenges.


The The Kelley Group team consists of partners and associates who have served at all levels of state government, including the Governor’s chief of staff, Cabinet posts, Executive Officers, Legislative leadership and upper-level staff positions. For more than a decade, their knowledge of how government functions, have served the individual needs of numerous clients.


The complex relationship between local, state and federal governments involves budgeting, policy and regulations as well as subtle personal and political bonds. The Kelley Group’s network of relationships and length of service on both the executive and legislative branches makes it the unchallenged leader in engaging local governments and agencies with their counterparts and in crafting plans that suit the particular requirements of each client.


The Kelley Group understands the specialized strategies needed to negotiate both state and federal budgeting processes. Its diverse background in procurement; Executive and Legislative leadership; business management; and politics makes it the leading expert in an area that is critical to long-term business success. The Kelley Group partners have direct participants in the development and negotiations of state budgets and have experience and understanding of the federal and local government budgeting and resource allocation processes, including homeland security issues, emergency communications and public-private partnerships. The Kelley Group helps companies better engage government as well as compete more effectively in the private sector.


The Kelley Group provides the sure hand and thoughtful message needed in difficult times. Its team has successfully managed challenges to political, corporate and nonprofit reputations and understands how best to respond in all types of situations. The Kelley Group works closely with its clients to resolve crises quickly.


With experience that includes hospitals, healthcare foundations and biotech companies, The Kelley Group provides clients innovative insight that is unrivaled in its breadth and depth. Its counsel positions clients to manage the complexity of healthcare policy while accounting for the political and economic concerns that drive the debate about change and innovation.


The Kelley Group aligns with the state’s top real estate experts who draw on decades of experience developing and managing all sizes of properties. These experts, combined with other Kelley Group partners and associates who have worked inside the state government and with the local planning and development process, provide unrivaled capability and connections to gain regulatory approval as well as to build the community consensus often needed to ensure project completion.


The Midwest enjoys a diversity of natural resources unrivaled by other states — as well as unparalleled oversight and protection. With expertise drawn from the state agencies managing these resources, The Kelley Group is the recognized leader in developing, coordinating and implementing incisive plans that ensure client success in this challenging area of law and consciousness.


The Midwest is at the forefront of emerging energy technologies as well as energy regulation and energy development. The The Kelley Group team recognizes the interplay between these competing forces and has successfully balanced both for its clients’ benefit. Its understanding of the state’s energy infrastructure, best business practices and government engagement has made it the choice of leading energy development companies, associations and energy intensive business consumers.


The bedrock of our economy is its diversity and progressiveness. The Kelley Group’ experience mirrors and recognizes these strengths, and its team consistently has produced counsel and advocacy to encourage clients and the economy at large to grow dramatically.


The Kelley Group principals and associates have years of experience crafting legislation and propositions that provide funding and standards for the state’s educational system. TKG has collaborated with preschool, K-12, public, charter and higher education stakeholders to achieve remarkable results.


The Kelley Group partners have held leadership positions in the disparate agencies involved in a state’s complicated, multifaceted procurement process. Their comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of securing a state contract is unequaled and enables them to develop the exact strategies needed to compete to win state dollars and to craft the advocacy required to maintain ongoing funding.


Standards for governance and accountability continue to intensify in the non-profit world. With expertise honed by service on the state and country’s most prestigious boards of directors, The Kelley Group partners understand the changing nature of non-profits and can assist in developing expert and dedicated boards; managing short- and long-term fundraising campaigns; securing government funding; and other ongoing needs.


The bipartisanship of the The Kelley Group team enables for levels of engagement on labor issues that are unsurpassed in the Midwest. Its rare sensitivity to the competing concerns enables it to move beyond traditional but ineffective counsel to effective, forward-thinking solutions that move controversial and complex labor, government and business issues forward.


The Kelley Group combines its expansive network of relationships and extensive experience at all levels of government with knowledge gained from running Fortune 100 companies and state business associations. This unique knowledge base assures the creation of specialized strategies and advocacies for businesses of all sizes, each tailored to clients’ individual needs and requirements.


With technology on all fronts advancing at a breathtaking pace, the regulations and policies that govern emerging industries are among the most dynamic, evolving and difficult to assess. By combining knowledge gained from authoring and implementing these laws with expertise honed in top technology companies, The Kelley Group offers clarity of counsel that anticipates regulatory changes, efficiently resolves client needs and identifies funding opportunities. With national contacts and our firm’s direct reach we are able to anticipate how new technology will positively impact governmental programs, regulation and legislation on behalf of our clients.